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Waxion 182

is a Paraffin dispersion for various application, as follows.
- Improve Water Resistance of Paper and Cardboard
- Improve Block Resistance
- Modifies tackiness of the surface coating.
- Also functioning as plasticiizer and give better smoothness in coating.
- Lubricant in rubber thread process.

Composition : Dispersion of Paraffin Wax.

Properties :

- Physical Form : A bit thick Liquid.
- Base : Paraffin Wax
- Color : White.
- Specific Gravity : + - 0.65 gr/cc.
- Solid Content : : + - 25%
- pH : + - 8.5
-  Odor : Mild.

Transport and Storage :
This Dispersion are sensitive to frost, please store and tranported in the range of temperature between 10 'C and 35'C Maximum storage time 6 Month,
please always closed packing after use.

Packaging : 100 Kgs/Drum.

1.composition/ information on ingredients
     - Chemical characterization :A combination of wax compound and other additives.

2. Hazards identification
     -This health hazard assessment is based on a consideration of the composition of this
     product. May cause eye or skin irritation. Specific danger: None.

3. Firs Aid Measures
     Skin contact : Wash immediately with water.
     Eye contact : Rinse thoroughly with water, consult with doctor.
     Ingestion : Rinse mouth with water, drink plenty of water, and consult with doctor.

4. Fire fighting measures
     Extinguishing media-suitable : CO2, Dry power, Foam.
     Extinguishing media - not suitable : water.

5. Accidental Release Measures
     personal precautions : Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
     Environmental precautions : Do not release to the environment.
     Method for cleaning : Absorb spillages in sand, earth or any suitable absorbent material.

6. Handling And Storage
     Information about protection against explosion and fires:
     - Keep away from sources of ignition Further information about storage condition:
     - Container of product closed when not in use
     - Do not add any additive ingredients to the product.

7. Exposure controls /Personal Protection
     Skin protection : Wear rubber gloves.
     Eye protection : Wear protecting glass.
     Body protection : Wear appropriates cloting to avoid skin contact.

8. Physical And Chemical Properties
     Form : Liquid
     Color: Milky White
     Odor : Mild
     Water solubility : Soluble
     pH : 8-10

9.Stabibity And Reactivity
     Stability : The material will not support combustion unless the water has evaporated.
     Condition to avoid : Heat and frost.

10. Toxicological Information
     A health risk is not known.

11. Ecological Information
     Not Determined.

12. Disposal Considerations
     In accordance with the local and state regulations.

13. Transport Information
     Not classified as hazardous for transport.

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